Fibreglass Roof – GRP Roof

A properly fitted Fibre Roof, also known as a GRP roof, will last for at least 20 years with no measurable deterioration. This flat roof system was introduced back in 1992 and it has been installed on millions of square metres of roofs over the UK.

There are many advantages and benefits of a Fibre Roof;

  • Tough and hard wearing
  • Replaces Lead and has no value to thieves
  • Can be extended
  • Highly energy efficient when combined with king span foam insulation
  • Can be laid in a wide range of colours
  • Envirmentally friendly
  • Resistant to rust, rot and corrosion
  • Manufactured to meet British Building Standards

Yorkshire Building Services provide fibreglass roof systems so please call us on 01482 835442 and we’d be happy to discuss your specific requirements.